Review and Transcreation

Review and Transcreation

Review and Transcreation for high-visibility projects.


Our review service, available as part of the translation package, is recommended for texts intended for publication. The entire translated text is reviewed and analysed in detail by a second, senior translator and native speaker of the target language.

The translated text is compared against the original to make sure no parts have been misinterpreted or omitted and the style and terminology are improved, where necessary. Our professional reviewers have extensive experience and a thorough knowledge of the topic at hand, as well as a particular ability to write clearly and elegantly.

Transcreation, on the other hand, also known as creative translation, actually involves re-writing texts for use in marketing and communication documents such as brochures, leaflets, press releases, market research, surveys, promotional literature and websites, so that the message in the target language has the same impact as the original one.

Transcreation goes beyond translation, because its goal is to convey the style, tone and emotion of the original message, but in a different language and to an audience with a different culture. It is a process that requires expertise in marketing, a thorough knowledge of the language and a firm grasp of the target audience’s culture.

This service is provided by translators with excellent creative writing skills, capable of distancing themselves from the original text to adapt the message to the target audience.

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