Proofreading of academic articles

Proofreading of academic articles

Editing and proofreading services for scientific research and academic papers.


We provide professional editing and proofreading of articles for publication in international peer-reviewed journals, mainly for PhD students, researchers and professors.

Along with substantive scientific content, faultless exposition is the basic condition for publication of research papers. This is the prerequisite for successful publication so that the contents of the study are given prominence and can be properly appreciated.

This service is provided exclusively by specialist academic proofreaders, native speakers who are not only skilled translators, but also have expertise in the specific scientific discipline.

Our proofreaders use their skills and competences to make sure that non-native speaking researchers are able to submit manuscripts with none of the problems related to language or style that frequently lead editors to reject articles for publication. This is one of the reasons why many researchers and scholars use our academic proofreading service.

Our proofreading service is a comprehensive check of your document in British or American Standard English of spelling and grammar. The service includes editing to improve the flow of the writing, where possible.

The track changes facility on Microsoft Word will be used so that authors can accept or reject the changes made.

In brief, our service includes the following:

  • Checking for and changing incorrect spelling
  • Checking for and changing incorrect grammar
  • Checking for and changing inconsistencies in terminology
  • Checking the syntax of the text and altering if necessary
  • Checking for and changing incorrect usage of English language idioms

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